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Providing Energy Saving Measures to Lower your Costs

Who we are

We are an installation company working under the government Eco Scheme, this scheme allows for landlords and homeowners to install FREE energy efficient measures into the property.

What is the Eco Fund?

'The Energy Company Obligation (ECO)  Fund is a government run energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.' - Ofgem

No Central Heating?

If your property doesn't have central heating - You can get a Grant to cover the cost 

Why Choose Us

At Home Consulations

Our surveys are £60 and you will be provided  with an Energy Performance Certificate at the end.

Energy Efficient

Our surveys provide you with advice as to what measures you can take that will improve your homes energy efficiency.

Cost Effective

These oil-free electrical storage heaters use 10% less energy compared to an oil-filled, helping you control the cost.

Enviromentally friendly

By using our electric storage heaters you are massively reducing your carbon footprint.

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Energy Specifics


Olympus Energy


British Assessment Bureau


Energy Efficiency Association


LTE Services

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